Welcome! It is great to have you!


We would like to invite and inspire you to try and approach your self, to discover your potential and learn to cherish it.


During our Tantra massage seminar we offer a protected space of experience, for sensuality and spirituality, designed to create trust and an environment in which we celebrate respect and attentiveness, in order to grow on one another.


The basis of our professional massage training is the experience of many years of massage and seminar practice, and, above all, joyous devotion.


Our concept aims at the development of practical ability.

This also includes a modern combination of traditional Tantric background knowledge and methods of body work of western and eastern characteristics.


The training concept is free from religious, esoteric, ideological or dogmatic matter or ideas.
We create our training program for people who wish to explore and experience the Tantric spectrum in all its complexity.


Our seminaries are certified and consequently adequate for those of you who plan to practice Tantra massage professionally.


We are looking forward to see you!

Our Training




Tantra Massage Training

Our holistic tantra massage training will provide you with the appropriate space and framework for physical and emotional experience.

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Annual Training

Together, we develop a respectful and appreciative attitude, and practice observing, not evaluating and judging, emotions and behaviors.

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Annual Training Women

Our annual training offers inspiration and support for an alert womanhood, for a life of joy and fulfilled sexuality…
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Individual Training

Private tuition can sometimes be the best and most effective way to achieve one’s goal in an individual tempo, and acquire understanding and skills…
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Our Schooling




YINDO Circle

What we learn expands, and our development becomes ever deeper.
First and foremost within a group of people.

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Tantra Massage & Floating

With our consolidation seminar in Italy we would like to invite you to a break in the wonderful ambience of the Sasseta Alta in Tuscany.

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Performing a Tantra massage is a matter of high intensity, and experience shows, that it is sensible to apply reflectory support…
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As a Profession

Our post foundation seminar approaches people, who would like and try to practice this massage form professionally.
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Dates 2019 / 2020


Type of CourseTime SpanTermLocationBooking Status
As a ProfessionFebruary 1 to 3 20193 DaysBerlinBook online »
YINDO CircleFebruary 23 20191 DayBerlinBook online »
Annual TrainingMarch to November 20194 x 7 DaysKochholz | AustriaBook online »
Tantra Massage TrainingMarch to May 20195 x 3 DaysBerlinBook online »
Annual Training WomenApril 2019 to March 20207 x 3 DaysZurich | SwitzerlandBook online »
Annual Training WomenMay 2019 to March 20207 x 3 DaysBerlinfour free places»
YINDO CircleMay 18 20191 DayBerlinBook online »
Tantra Massage TrainingMay 31 to June 9 201910 DaysŚwieradów Zdrój | PolandBook online »
ProgressingJune 23 to 30 20198 DaysScansano | ItalyBook online »
As a ProfessionJuly 12 to 14 20193 DaysBerlinBook online »
YINDO CircleJuly 27 20191 DayBerlinBook online »
YINDO CircleAugust 31 20191 DayBerlinBook online »
Tantra Massage TrainingSeptember to November 20195 x 3 DaysBerlinBook online »
YINDO CircleOctober 19 20191 DayBerlinBook online »
As a ProfessionDecember 13 to 15 20193 DaysBerlinBook online »

Tantra Massage

The Tantric approach is integral and differs from erotic, therapeutic or wellness exercises through the inclusion of the whole human body and being.
Tantra massage centers, strengthens and sensitizes the bodies perception, providing a steady increase of well-being.


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The World needs Massage!

Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Inspired

Giving a massage is something you can start learning but you will never finish learning.
It always evolves; the experience grows deeper and deeper, higher and higher.
Massage is one of the most subtle arts – but it is not simply a matter of craftsmanship.
It is more a matter of love.


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The YINDO seminar offers a solid structure and the proffessional frame, within which you learn the subtleties, and experience the essence, of Tantra massage.

The integration of Tantra into your life constitutes a significant step for your personal growth and development.
For you to succeed, you will receive supportive and affectionate impulses.


You will increase sensitivity, learn to touch deeper, perceive clearer, and recognize more comprehensively.

You will experience a broader sense of joy, strength, and courage to show yourself.


Your understanding of body, mind and soul will heighten, and your general health could well be improved.



Physical tensions, causing emotional and sexual blockades, may be eradicated.


You will experience an increment in vitality and contentedness and consequently have more pleasure and joy in your day to day life.


Your life will be more fulfilled!


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Spanda – Pulse, Vibration and Tension of Life

Spanda is the original, primordial subtle vibration that arises from the dynamic interplay of the passive and the creative polarizations of the absolute. mehr »

Wu wei – Act from the inner Center

Wu wei can be translated as action by non-action. To live in harmony with the flow of life and to live in the Here and Now, to be one with what is. mehr »

Worship and veneration in Tantra massage

Tantra massage aspires to serve the veneration of the human body and mind. In its entirety and paticularity. mehr »