Seminar Leader


Ulrike Liehm

To teach Tantra massage, and make it better known in the process, is a professional, as well as passionate subject for me.

My aim is to help people unfold their potential, and connect to the essence of their being.
A possible result of this aim is the extension of physical perception and consciousness beyond the dimensions of day-to-day life.


To fully experience Tantra it is essential to find a condition of openness and receptivity.
I provide in my seminars the necessary space and framework for insight, cognizance and discovery.


The foundation of my seminars derives from extensive and thoroughly differentiated studies and training in various forms of body-, energy-, and meditation work, healing practices as well as eastern and western massage techniques.
A completed Cranio Sacral training extends, and enlightens, this spectrum.


I recently completed a CranioSacral training that additionally strengthened and sensitized me in my work.


These correspond with my experience of many years in individual and group work, as well as continued further education and guidance by my own teachers.


In order to refine my knowledge and integrity I have made it my task to constantly research massage techniques and explore the Tantric path.


Elementary influences on my seminars are Kashmiri Saivism and Taijiquan.
Both of which I am studying and practicing since many years with my teachers Daniel Odier and Chen Xiaowang.


Several years of training as a systemic coach with Hartwig Marx brings me further inspiration and insight for my work.


I am co-founder of the Kashima Institut and teach Tantra massage in my seminars since 2008, which so far has inspired several more than a thousand people.

At the YINDO Tantra Massage School this inspiration, that I feel just as much, has found a new home.