YINDO Tantra Massage School is an independent institute with head quarters in Berlin.
It was brought to life by Ulrike Liehm, who also run’s the school.


Our school aims to put into effect our very high standards regarding content and quality of Tantra massage and training.


YINDO has set itself the task of continuously fostering qualities such as dedication, intuition and mindfulness, in a mild and gentle way.

Tantra massage is to be preserved, researched, further developed and disseminated as a cultural good.

If, in the seminars and beyond, we are able to meet our profound need for unity, a powerful energy might emerge that will render us creative, spontaneous and present in the moment.


We will pick you up where you are standing there and then and you can gradually make your own whatever suits you.


The seminars are mainly held in Berlin.
References to varying locations you will find on our website.