YINDO Circle


Tantra massage is something that remains very much alive.
It constitutes a process.
What we learn expands, and our development becomes ever deeper.
First and foremost within a group of people.


This is why it is recommendable to regularly meet, even after the concluded seminar, in order to intensify our knowledge, and reflect upon our experiences.


The idea is to keep our curiosity and openness – our ‘beginners spirit’ – alive, and to avoid any stagnancy and the rigidity of routine.

The YINDO circle will meet regularly, the themes will be changing in design, but will always offer possibilities for likeminded exploring, exchange, support and socializing.
We will experiment in partnership, strengthen our intuition and fortify our consciousness for physical and energetical coherencies.
For some of our meetings we will welcome guests into our group, who, through their knowledge, gained by experience, may greatly enrich our circle and the subjects of body work, Tantra and meditation.


And, of course, we warmly welcome you!

Choose a date in Berlin:


The YINDO circle takes place on Saturdays.


Dates 2024: 13.04. | 20.07. | 19.10.
Time periods: from 10am to 6pm respectively
Place: Berlin
Leadership: Ulrike Liehm and guests
Number of Participants: limited to twelve people
Seminar fee: 85 Euro


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