General Terms and Conditions


Scope of application

The general terms and conditions apply for the conduct of seminars by Ulrike Liehm at the respective event venue.
Changes only become part of the contract if the event organiser agrees to them expressly and in writing.
The contract is automatically terminated at the end of each event.
The legal venue is Berlin. Place of fulfilment is the respective event venue.



The completed form, together with the deposit of 50 percent of the seminar fee, is a binding registration.
We will send you our bank details and further information by email, after you register.

If the online booking and payment have not been received within two weeks after registration (by phone or email), we will release the reserved place.
Upon receipt of the registration and registration fee, we will send you a confirmation.
The seminar fee (less paid deposit) can also be paid in cash and in euros at the event location. We do not accept checks, EC cards or credit cards.

ment payment can be accepted in specific cases. This must be in writing and requires the express written consent of the event organiser.


Cancellation of registration / withdrawal

If you cancel your registration within the time limit of two to six weeks in advance, you will be charged 50 percent of the seminar fee.

If you withdraw within a period of less than two weeks before the seminar, the full amount is payable, unless a substitute participant can be found.

There will be no refund if you leave before the end of the seminar.
The event organiser reserves the right to cancel announced or begun seminars, due to lack of participation, illness or other disruptions of business operations.
In this case, there will be a pro-rata refund of payments to date.

Further claims are excluded.


Participation in the seminars is voluntary. Each participant is fully responsible for himself and his actions inside and outside the seminars.

He must himself compensate for any damages he causes.
The event organiser accepts no liability.

By registering, the participant expressly declares that he accepts and can accept full responsibility for his actions inside and outside the group.

Please note that our seminars cannot replace any medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.

Anyone who is in therapy, must clarify with his therapist and with us in a timely way, if he can participate in the seminar.

The participant commits himself to observe the applicable house rules at the venue, to follow the instructions of the organiser and his assistants, if this is necessary for conducting the event, and to refrain from anything that could prevent the orderly conduct of the event.
In this sense, any aberrant behaviour by the participant, may lead to exclusion by the organiser.


Copyrights, confidentiality

All documents are protected by copyright. Disclosure is permitted only with the written consent of the event organiser.

The participant agrees to treating all information relating to the group process and the participants as confidential.
A violation can lead to claims for damages.

Image, audio and video recordings are prohibited or alternatively, allowed in exceptional cases only after obtaining written consent of the event organiser and the participants.


Severability clause and data protection

If one part of the contract is not valid, this does not apply to the entire contract.
With regard to the Federal Data Protection Act, we point out that the storage and use of personal data is done to fulfil the contract. Stored data will be used for information purposes in such a way as to supply the event organiser with the seminar information and other references.
It is always possible to refuse this usage and processing by sending a message to event organiser Ulrike Liehm.
Upon receipt of the refusal, the event organiser will not use the data in question.