Which are the requirements for participation in the seminar?
Our seminar is open to everyone above the age of 18 years.
Previous knowledge is not necessary.
You should be in a physical condition that allows you to perform massages on a matrice for several hours. 

It is important to note, that our seminars do not serve as substitution for necessary psychological treatment.


Is the ratio between women and men balanced in numbers?
Yes, we take care to provide parity.


Can I pick a partner myself, and do we change partners during the course?
Yes, it is possible to choose a partner by taste.
In case you will be chosen, but find the prospect not to your liking, you are of course at liberty to say so.


We do, however, recommend swap of partners, in order to exchange experience with different people and their qualities.
Couples will ponder whether they also want to interchange with others, or, for example, use the seminar to deepen and refresh their partnership.


Partaking in the seminary, am I being naked ?
In each of our seminars will come the moment, in which we will work together naked.
‘The meeting on the the same level’ is an essential element of tantric tradition.
Hence, because the massage is received naked, the masseur/masseuse is naked too.


Possibly this information finds you in a state of slight anxiety, but experience shows that these feelings are quickly dissolved within the group.
Confrontation with this matter will probably be just right for you, if you feel that kind of fear.

We regard nakedness as perfectly natural and beautiful, free of shame, bashfulness or lewdness.

Will their be actual sex taking place?
No. We do eventually work with, and direct sexual energy, which includes a certain degree of arousing lust, but sexual intercourse will not take place.
This presents you with the chance to experience your body, free of expectations and goals, and to discover yourself in a perfectly new way.


What do I have to bring with me?
Please bring comfortable clothes, a lunghi (hip-cloth), a bedsheet, a large towel and massage oil with you.
But don’t worry, you will be provided with detailed information when you sign up for the seminar.


Will there be any provisions during the seminars?
We will have provisions ready at all times, consisting mainly of fruit, nuts, seeds and pastry; also beverages and condiments will be available.
On sessions stretching beyond eight hours there will be a lunch break of two hours respectively. Depending on location it is open to everyone to suggest whether to visit a restaurant or to prepare food within the facilities at hand.


There are several associations around the world, is YINDO part of one?
YINDO is a solely independent Tantra Massage School.
We have developed very high expectations of our own performance, regarding the actual goal and quality of Tantra massages.
The seminar’s demand’s have risen accordingly.
This is why, though we consistently comprehend and connect with, other Tantra Massage Institutes we never the less proceed from our own brand of expertise.
As a matter of fact there is no soliciting institution in Germany, and to found one remains a task for the future.


Further questions?

Detailed informations you will receive after your registration.
Should you have any further questions, we happily answer them for you via email or telephone.