The world needs massage!


Giving a massage is something you can start learning but you will never finish learning. It always evolves; the experience grows deeper and deeper, higher and higher.
Massage is one of the most subtle arts – but it is not simply a matter of craftsmanship. It is more a matter of love.


First, learn the techniques – and then forget them again. Then simply feel and let yourself be guided by your feelings.
When your understanding of it is profound, ninety percent of your work will be done through love and ten percent will be done by technique.
Through mere touch, loving touch, something in your body relaxes.


When you love someone and share their feelings and are aware of how much they are worth, when you don’t treat them like a mechanism that needs repairing but as an infinitely precious energy, when you are grateful that they trust you and let you play with their energy, then you will gradually feel as if you were playing a piano.


The whole body turns into the piano’s keyboard and you can feel how inside the body a harmony is created. You don’t just help the other person but also yourself.


The world needs massage because love has disappeared.
A mere touch used to be enough to show love.
A mother would touch her child, run her hands over its body and it was massage.
Men used to run their hands over their wife’s body and it was massage, which was enough.
More than enough. It was deep relaxation and part of love.


But this has disappeared from the world. Gradually, we forgot where we need to touch someone, how to touch them and how deeply we need to touch them.
Touching really has become one of the most forgotten languages.


We have almost become embarrassed to touch one another because the word itself has been spoilt by so called religious people. They have sexually coloured it.

In the west the other extreme has now happened.

The word has taken on a sexual meaning and people have become scared.
Everyone is concerned not to let themselves be touched unless they explicitly allow it.

Touch and massage have turned into something sexual. Massage is now merely a disguise, a cover for sexuality.


But originally, neither touching nor massage was something sexual.
When love falls from its heights, it turns into sex and becomes ugly.


So be devout when you touch a person’s body. Be reverent and let all your energy flow.
Whenever you see the body flowing and the energy creating a new pattern of harmony, you will feel a joy that you have never experienced before.
You will fall into deep meditation.


When you massage, just massage.
Don’t think of other things as they are only distractions.
Be in your fingers, your hands as if your whole being, your whole soul was concentrated there. Don’t just let it be a mere touch. Your entire soul will enter the other person’s body, penetrate it and resolve the deepest complexes.


Make it fun. Don’t practice it like a job; let it be fun and a pleasure.
Laugh and make the other person laugh.


When massaging, you connect with the vibrancy of another body and feel where it is missing.
You feel where that body is incomplete and make it whole.
You help that body’s energy to be no longer fragmented, to be no longer in conflict.
When your bodies’ energies are in sync, you have reached your goal.
Therefore, treat the human body with respect. It is God’s temple, the holy shrine.
Learn your art with deep reverence and with devotion.
It is one of the most beautiful things you can learn.


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh inspired