2024 – The Chinese Year of the Dragon

The Chinese zodiac sign that heralds the new lunar year is the dragon – the fifth animal in the Chinese zodiac and a symbol of energy, strength and luck. People born in the Year of the Dragon are considered courageous, self-confident and full of energy.


In this year, the dragon is associated with the element wood, which is associated with spring, growth and vitality. The Year of the Wood Dragon promises a time of dynamic growth and personal and collective development. It promotes creativity, flexibility and the ability to find innovative solutions and break new ground. Wood also symbolises cohesion and community spirit, which could lead to people working more for the common good and pursuing social goals. It strives for harmony and balance, which means that people endeavour to create a balance between different areas of life.


As a yang zodiac sign, the dragon symbolises activity, expansion and assertiveness. This year’s Year of the Dragon could therefore be characterised by intense activity, growth and progress, with people taking bold steps and resolutely pursuing their goals. All in all, the Year of the Wood Dragon promises a time of vibrant energy, creativity and growth potential that could lead to progress and development in various areas of life.


Use regular meditation and holistic massages such as tantric massages to connect with positive energies in the Yang-influenced Year of the Dragon. These practices help you to calm your mind, act more consciously and make clear decisions, especially in turbulent times. The Year of the Wood Dragon is characterised by growth and vitality. Deepen your connection to nature by spending time outdoors, surrounding yourself with plants and trees and practising grounding exercises. These activities strengthen your connection with the element of wood and harmonise you with its living energy.


The drawing above was created in 2006 during a performance in a photo booth by Hannes Malte Mahler in Berlin. Mahler drew this picture for my son, who wanted a dragon.