Winter Solstice

The darkest day and longest night of the year.


A very special time to reflect, to put old things into the fire, to invite the brightness and joy into our lives.


And so the winter solstice, marked by science as the astronomical beginning of winter, has been celebrated in many cultures since time immemorial.
As a celebration of the return of light, of birth and the sun returning and expanding.


The days are gradually getting longer again and we can soon glimpse spring. Little by little, the sun and brightness are given more space again.


We can orient ourselves to perceive the bright beauty again, even if it was not noticeable before.
For this year has repeatedly been challenging, Covid still has us firmly in its grip.


The dark circumstances of the turning point make it easy for us to go deep and look within.
Take this opportunity to pause, listen and feel into the darkness. Now is the time to be still and surrender to self-reflection and not knowing. And so to sense the gradual transition and new beginning.


The winter solstice leads into the so-called mystical Twelve Nights, the nights when the veil can be lifted from our eyes and hearts and access to the spiritual dimension is easier.


You can also use this time through conscious reflection and the formulation of intentions to focus on strength and clarity for what will and should come.


I recommend that you ask yourself the central question “Who am I?”
In Zen Buddhism this is an existential koan, a paradoxical riddle that challenges your conventional thinking, exhausts your thoughts and provokes deep insight.


Supportive for this time are incense and tea ceremonies, walks into the darkness and ritual fires.


Happy holidays to you, all the best and love in your spirit for the new year!
I look forward to meeting you in 2022!