The mystical Twelve Nights

The turn of annum is the most mysterious time of the year.
From days immemorial, the dark, chilly nights between old and new year are considered special and mystical.


In many traditions, there are these magical Twelve, which begin on the night of December 25 to 26 and end with the night of January 5 to 6.
This time frame was created in connection with the Germanic lunar calendar, which consists of 354 days only. In order to complete the solar year, these eleven days or twelve nights were added.


During these nights, when even animals can supposedly speak, spirits are said to gain special powers. According to ancient popular belief, the living are visited by the dead and dark powers have dominion over the earth. Demons and evil spirits thrive in disorder and filth and have to be expelled if life is to be continued a happy one.
The world and the universe are falling apart, a time of crisis for nature and humanity, which not only needs to be survived, but actively tackled and triumphed over!
These ancient implications are still very much alive in the modern mind. Thus, the time between the years offers us ample opportunity for reflection and reorganization.


Bringing order to our lives


So let’s bring order to our house and life!
This not only means that we clean our house, our apartment, sweep up and sort out unnecessary and unwanted. But also to bring back things borrowed, pay open bills and debts, address unsolved issues.




And we should try an introspective survey, take time, even make notes.


• Which experiences were particularly remarkable?
• What made me happy?
• What did I learn and how did I develop?
• What did I do especially well?
• Who accompanied me this year?
• What has changed?
• What do I spend most of my time with and what topics concern me?
• What desires and visions do I have for my life and how can I get closer to them?
• What strengthens and centers me?


Practical rituals can accompany and support the process of reflection.


Twelve night incense


This time, when the subtle gates are open to us, presents a brilliant opportunity to purify the spaces in which we live on an energetic level, so that something new can manifest itself.


There are three passes for ritual incense burning.
The first is the cleansing. Especially suitable are sage, juniper and myrrh.
In the second step, the energy is harmonized with Frankincense, Tonka Bean or Angelica Root.
And finally the rooms are sprayed out with water. Which is either clear or added to with lemon, rose or lavender oil.


Complete the old year


Complete the old year by lighting a candle.
Remember the beautiful moments of the year.
And thank the people who have been by your side you during that year. Calm down.