The Tantric Idea

The tantric experience is neither repressive nor dissolute, it is only possible when you enter into deep meditation.
When you become completely quiet, calm, aware and attentive – only then do you have the opportunity to explore Tantra.


Otherwise Tantra can turn into a mere excuse for promiscuity – under a new name, a religious name.
Then the word Tantra is just a cover for sexual desire.


Gradually learn the great art of being in touch with reality without your mind interfering.
Observe without judging.
Leave out language, your mind isn’t made up of language.


The sun doesn’t understand your language and neither do the clouds.
Be in direct contact and let yourself be touched.
If your eyes fill with tears – good. If you feel like dancing – good.


When you become very quiet and dreamy as if intoxicated by the beauty of the sun, then you will have a simple experience, a simple experience but with far reaching consequences – a taste of what it’s like not to think.
A taste of Tantra.


By merely looking at the sun you suddenly feel uplifted and ecstatic.
Make the most of all the opportunities that life offers you.
Don’t miss any chances to let go of your mind, and in time you will understand.


Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh inspired