Our Essence

We all have in us a longing for love.
It is the source of happiness, health, and inner peace.

But we also experience what it is like to be cut off from our love.
Because we have developed and applied strategies to avoid pain and painful feelings.


These self-protective mechanisms have shaped our personality.
At the same time our heart has closed.

But love belongs to our innermost, original being; it is our essence.
The task now is to remember this love.


Rediscovering love helps us to become more aware of ourselves.
To examine what has shaped us and how our personality works with all its resistances.

In this way, we gain more clarity about how we have unconsciously departed from our natural love.
If we can allow ourselves to sense all the feelings connected with it, an opening takes place.

This compassion enables us to experience our vulnerability and to get in touch with our hearts.
To permit ourselves to feel love again.


It is about exploring oneself, being curious about and open for it.
To be ready to question and reject our beliefs about others and ourselves. Even, and especially, against our own persevering resistance.

And also to be willing to perceive, feel, and accept portions of us that are not loving.

The discovery of what seperates us from our love, does not derive from any exterior world, but from us.

To begin traveling this path, we need a sheltered space where we are able to explore and show our vulnerability.
It is all about profoundly opening ourselves and meeting our natural love; about revisiting our essence.


The Tantric massage ritual, in which the female principle – Shakti – and the male – Shiva – are deeply revered, helps us to open up, find devotion and awareness.
A space is being created. A space in which we can experience appreciation, fulfillment and clarity – love.