For the New Year

An extraordinary, exciting, demanding – and also a sad year is drawing to a close. A year which many of us would most likely be glad to erase from memory. A year, in which a virus suddenly changed our lives like nothing before.
The pandemic has pushed us to the limits of our resilience, sometimes beyond it, has made a new form of coexistence in the working and social world necessary and changed the lives of many.


We missed meeting friends, touching others, dancing, laughing, being exuberant. We were confronted with existential issues, and met with primal fears. But we were also prompted to learn more, yet again, to trust our inner guidance and to surrender to life. The last year, as a very strange and special one, will leave lasting impressions on all of us.


I am all the more grateful for the encounters, seminars and supervisions that could take place, against the odds, which seemed particularly intense to me this year and were characterized by a high level of awareness displayed by everyone. That anything happened at all was only possible because all participants supported the hygiene concepts responsibly and with a high degree of natural solidarity. 


We are looking forward to the new year and now may be the time when we can walk in silence, embracing the time to feel and reflect. Asking ourselves if we’ve managed to balance time with our families, friends, and ourselves. To feel what is important to us, what our essence is. 
The days are getting longer again, the light is returning to our lives. The time to look ahead and adjust our own needs for the New Year may well be already here.
I sincerely wish you confidence, health, love and happiness in all your endeavours!


Our training courses and seminars will continue to take place for the time being, facilitated with an appropriate hygiene concept.
And so: I look forward to seeing you again or getting to know you fresh in 2021!
Thank you all for your trust!