Beginner´s Mind

A central term in Japanese Zen Buddhism, the mind of a beginner, constitutes a fundamental attitude.
It is just as much for us and the tantric practice. It is decisive for our approach to Tantra massage and it´s probation, as a continued existential experience:
The mind of a novice!


Extreme awareness and complete freedom of prejudice, which allow access to new, lively and unheard of, experiences. A spiritual “emptiness” is the basis for this, and never to forget the word-rich Buddhism also provides the parable of the empty teacup being circulated.


Beginner’s Spirit is an open attitude that requires unbiased curiosity. And the willingness to get to know something foreign without being limited by previous knowledge and evaluations.


Children still have this ability naturally. At each moment they pay their full curiosity, their open attention and learn so very quickly.
In contrast, as adults, we usually have an expectation that limits or even prevents future experiences.


The Japanese Zen monk Shunryu Suzuki formulated:
“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities. In the expert’s mind, there are few.”


Ideas of things, the way things have to be, rigid patterns, beliefs and other prejudices obstruct our access to the new. Being aware of something through our beliefs makes it difficult for us to open events. And also makes pleasure difficult to shine.


We can only learn and develope ourselves as beginners, with perfectly empty minds and a sort of positive ignorance. That way, we turn completely receptive.


Beginner’s mind is not only necessary for crossing thresholds to the new, unknown. Not only essential for the approach to Tantra massage. It is, indeed, necessary for the start, and especially for the continued practice.


As part of the training and its continuation, I observe that sometimes routines and something like boredom creep in. This is for those who inhibit and dominate the fun of their own self exploration and development. Sometimes, masseuses or masseurs lose interest in the massage, switching to other areas, purely mechanically, in search of something new. This has to do with the fact that the beginner’s spirit is now extinguished, which could actually cause the extinction of the desired effect, of the intensity of the existing beauty.
And no depth can be attained in this way. It would fail to explore the Tantra massage’s potentials, to discover, delight and savor.


This also means: All this is not about the search for something new as an end in itself.
Beginning spirit not only overcomes the initial thresholds and inhibitions.
It fights against superficial routine.


This innocent and value-free attitude allows us to gain new insights and perspectives, and we can once again enjoy beginning again, in any sense, discovering, trying out, learning, failing and going on in the here and now.


So: Here is a lance to be broken for something whose German name in today’s everyday life falls in a rather derogatory pitch, but actually sounds just right:


BEGINNER´S LUCK – Good wishes to all of us!