2022 – The Chinese Year of the Tiger

The third animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle, the tiger, determines the new lunar year, which begins on February 1st.


It is Yang-influenced and dominated by water. This element is not particularly emotional. It is rather characterised by rationality and independence, flexibility and open-mindedness.
The five Chinese elements have a complementary, reinforcing or regulating effect on the characteristics of the respective zodiac sign. In the case of the water tiger, the element water has a moderating influence on the fiery qualities of the tiger.


Tigers are daring, fierce, rebellious, fearless and rousing. They give everything or nothing.
So the year could be an exciting and eventful one, but also unpredictable with extreme highs and lows.
That’s why it’s important not to lose focus, but to keep practising presence. To focus energies, to pursue a direction and a goal.
To face the tiger with awareness, courage and strength. To ride him!


Asian culture assigns a central role to the tiger. As a wise guide, it brings us through life’s thicket, guards and protects us.
In Hinduism and Tantrism, the tiger is ridden by the goddess Durga, the Indomitable, who with great devotion and fearlessness defends life where it is needed.
With loud roaring laughter she went into battle on her tiger, so that the mountains swayed, the universe shook and the seas burst their banks, it is said.
But she also encourages us to take the initiative and go into battle with a sharp mind and determination.


The tiger encourages us to trust our instincts and courageously lead a self-determined life. Through and with him we succeed in rekindling our inner fire. To get more in touch with our passion, sensitivity and sensuality again.
He will support us to trust our intuition, to act spontaneously and quickly.


Attack – Ride Your Tiger!


The wonderful illustration, based on Henri Rousseau, is by Amanda Hall.
To see in the book “The Fantastic Jungles of Henri Rousseau”, written by Michelle Markel and published by Eerdmans Books for Young Readers.