Tantra Massage


Tantra massage is a ritual that aims to venerate human beings in their completeness, and therefore represents an exceptional class within the wider field of types of massages.


It provides space and time for intense emotional experience, deepening and affirmation of your sensuality and sexuality as forces of life itself, and helps to feel your body consciously.


Additionally it has, in true acceptance of the present, the capacity to accumulate salutary and healing benefits, though it does not follow any therapeutical ideas.


The Tantric approach is integral and differs from erotic, therapeutic or wellness exercises through the inclusion of the whole human body and being.


Tantra massage centers, strengthens and sensitizes the bodies perception, providing a steady increase of well-being.
It supports your efforts to dissolve tensions and blockades, and in so doing, allows your energies to flow freely within you.
Solid structures are being discovered and eventually dissolved, thus presenting you with the possibility of borderline extensions and confrontation with your true self.

One essential idea of the Tantra massage ritual is manifested in the attempt to expand your individual sexual energy, the elemental force within you, to connect it to your heart, and integrate it into your life.


The deliberate and conscious contact with your Self enables you, to reach a condition of unquestioning love and trust, thus opening your heart.


With the inclusion of the whole body, all fixation on certain areas of it will be left behind, and consequently the genitalia not made subject of taboo.
Orgasms and ejaculation, which may happen during the massages, are not the intended goal, yet none the less part of the concept that is formed by attentiveness and, at the same time, the absence of agenda in any physical contact.


Corresponding with the principles of Yin and Yang, elements of Indian traditions, Classical massage, Reflexology, Hawaiian massage, Shiatsu, Ayurveda and Bio-Energetics, are all being deployed.


Give, receive and cherish this elevated form of ritual!
Experience the art of physical contact as adoration of our uniqueness!