New Year’s greetings

Dear friends of tantric massage,


this year has truly been a challenge as well.


We look forward to the new year and now is the time to deepen and reflect. To feel what is important to us, what is our essence.
To remember all the small and big steps we have dared to take.
Now is the time to adjust our own wishes and needs for the new year.


I am very grateful for the encounters, the exchanges, the seminars and supervisions that I was able to experience this year. Which were marked by a high level of awareness on the part of all, by palpable solidarity and a mutual sense of responsibility.


At the end of the year I was very happy to receive the “Golden Schlunghi” from my wonderful last training group.
Thank you very much again for this.


I sincerely wish each of us confidence, joy, health, love, courage, happiness and abundance in all matters. A sparkling, light year with magic and vibrant encounters.


And I look forward to seeing you again or meeting you in 2023 – thank you for your trust!