2021 – Chinese Year of the Buffalo

The buffalo is the second animal in the Chinese Zodiac cycle.
It is said the Jade Emperor once decided that the order of the animals in the circle should be determined after their arrival at his festival. The buffalo would have been the first, but the rat outwitted him. She persuaded him to let her ride him. When they were almost there, the rat jumped down and reached the goal in front of the buffalo, to whom the second position remained ever since.


The buffalo is strong and stubborn, patient and persistent. These qualities bring him every success. In general, this Zodiac sign is considered to be particularly reliable and blessed with pragmatic and rational reason. Accordingly, the buffalo year will be particularly well suited to persistently working on and overcoming the problems of past years. A year in which we have to make an effort to achieve our goals.


It will also be a year in which we will appreciate fully the burden of our responsibilities. So the next 12 months will be productive for those who develop strategies and are well prepared for whatever is to come. Furthermore, it is said, that the years of the buffalo are particularly well suited to allow partnerships to flourish and blossom again.


In the new year, too, metal is the astral element. After the turbulent yang year of the rat, this year will be determined by yin. The combination of metal and yin stands for the feminine, for coolness and clarity. The colors of the metal buffalo are white, yellow, and green. The corresponding emotion to be transformed is anger.


In the year of the buffalo we have no existential catastrophes to fear.
The signs are good!