2019 – The Chinese Year of the Pig

Let us welcome the Chinese Year of the Pig, which is happy, relaxed, full of confidence and open-hearted.
The pig is the lucky charm par excellence. Generous, cheerful and full of joy. And a symbol of satisfaction, wealth and good luck.


The defining element Earth provides nourishing soil for growth and life in 2019 and helps us to find the right balance, with our feet firmly on the ground.
The earth is Yin-dominated this year. Yin is feminine and reconciling, soft and peaceful, cold and dark.
A well-balanced blend: The pig, who tends to be reckless and intemperate, gains a more rooted-in-the-soil attitude due to Earth’s influences. It becomes reliable and can not easily lose its calm.


Let’s look forward to a year full of cheerfulness and mirth!