Tantra Massage Annual Training in Austria


This massage training takes place in cooperation with the Zinnoberschule Munich and is aimed at people who want to experience and explore themselves and their bodies in a protected space in order to grow sensually and spiritually.
Couples are also very welcome.


We will explore in depth what tantra means to us and how we can bring the tantric idea to life in the massage.
Together, we develop a respectful and appreciative attitude, and practice observing, not evaluating and judging, emotions and behaviors.


As part of our Tantra massage training you will learn step by step a massage process with different qualities of touch and learn practically how heart energy and sexual energy are awakened, connected and experienced throughout the body.


The training of your own intuition is a special focus of our sessions.
Of great importance are mindfulness and non-intentional touch, which provide presence and perviousness.
This will make you even more sensitive to the individual needs of your massage recipient.


In order to expand our physical awareness and support our centering during a massage, body-focused meditations and encounter exercises are part of the program.
The focus is on aspects such as control and letting go, devotion and desire.


The prerequisite for this is our willingness to question previous patterns and beliefs of our own sensuality.


Joint practicing in the group creates space and atmosphere in which one’s own identity can unfold, and equally provides for the need for closeness and security.
Feeling and experiencing the connection between sensuality and devotion but also distance and particularity are possible here.


And accordingly promote the basic attitude of respect, acceptance and worship of your counterpart as a sexual being.
For a fulfilled and sensual everyday life, more closeness, devotion, skills in physical contact or to gain states of deep pleasure.


During the exercises and rituals, you decide for yourself whether you want to preserve your previous limits, experiment with them or go beyond them.


If you are still undecided, we offer you the opportunity to get to know the tantra massage ritual on an introductory weekend.
You will experience what distinguishes the Tantric massage from other massages and you will discover how the body is touched in an attentive and respectful way.


The preservation of one’s own boundaries and the ritual framework creates the magic of a whole new world.


We look forward to you!

Choose Annual Training in Austria and Italy:


From March to November 2019


Tantra Massage Annual Training
The Annual training takes place four times, for approximately one week respectively.


Part 1 in Jagdschloss Wolfstein, Austria:
March 10th to 16th, 2019
Start: Sunday 1pm
End: Saturday 4pm
Part 2 in Sasseta Alta, Italy:
June 23rd to 30th, 2019
Sart: 2pm
End: 2pm
Part 3 in Jagdschloss Wolfstein, Austria:
September 3rd to 8th, 2019
Start: Tuesday 10 Uhr
End: Sunday 16 Uhr
Part 4 in Jagdschloss Wolfstein, Austria:
November 13th to 17th
Start: 10am
End: 3pm
Seminar leader: Ulrike Liehm | Daniel Höppli
Accommodation: at the Seminar house | Price on request
Seminar fee: 2.970 Euro
Early Bird (terminates 15.02.2019): 2.700 Euro
Course materials included. Instalment payments possible.


Book online »



It is of course possible to arrive or depart early or later after checking with the Seminar house.

The room booking and payment, full board inclusive, is made directly through the seminar house:

Sasseta Alta | Italy | booking »
June 23rd to 30th



Jagdschloss Wolfstein | Austria | booking »
March 10th to 16th
September 3rd to 8th
November 12th to 17th